Sport and Recreation Community Grants

I am pleased to share the following information for the Community Facilities Improvement Program and the Recreation Facilities Improvement Grant.  Please refer to the links for additional program information.  

Community Facilities Improvement Program: supports community-led projects to enhance public use of existing facilities such as repairs to building exteriors and interior features. Grants up to $50k: Deadline to apply is Feb. 28.  <>

Recreation Facility Development Grant: supports community groups, municipalities, and other organizations in developing facilities to increase participation in physical recreation. Grants up to $150k. Deadline to apply is Feb. 1.  <>

For more information on all Sport and Recreation community grants, please visit <> and go to Sport and Recreation Funding Programs.

Please feel free to contact the Central Regional Office to discuss your project ideas or questions, by contacting Andrea Redmond, <>, or by calling (902) 456-5908.

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