Letter from Dr. Robert Strang, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Province of Nova Scotia

My fellow Nova Scotians,

COVID-19 is an unprecedented and rapidly evolving situation, and I recognize this is a scary time for Nova Scotians. Public health officials are working closely with our colleagues across the country and our partners in Nova Scotia to limit the spread of the virus and increase capacity within the health system to respond.

During this state of emergency, we must all work together to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here are important steps we are requiring all Nova Scotians to take:

  • Stay home as much as possible. When you are out, practice social distancing by limiting contact with other people (stay 2 metres (6 feet) apart) and have no more than 5 people together
  • Shop only for essentials, such as groceries and prescription medication and only have oneperson doing the shopping
  • If you’ve traveled outside the province, self-isolate for 14 days
  • If you feel unwell, go to 811.novascotia.ca and use the self-assessment questionnaire to find outif you need to call 811
  • Wash your hands often, avoid touching your face and clean surfaces regularlyI understand that this situation may be creating a lot of fear. This is normal. However, it’s important that we respond, not in fear, but with caring, a sense of community and common sense. No one person is responsible, but we can all be part of the solution. If someone in your community is self-isolating or ill, what they need is your support, compassion and understanding. I encourage you to:

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  • Check in with those closest to you by phone, text or social media
  • Have a video chat with someone in isolation
  • Make sure your neighbours have what they need
  • Encourage people to get information from reliable sources, like:www.novascotia.ca/coronavirus
  • Following public health direction and supporting each other is how we will beat this virus.For the latest information, advice and resources, visit:Government of Nova Scotia:


    Government of Canada:


    For general information on novel coronavirus information, call:



    For updates on social media, follow:

    Government of Nova Scotia Facebook page:


    Government of Nova Scotia Twitter account:

    Department of Health and Wellness Facebook page:


    Department of Health and Wellness Twitter account:We will continue to provide you with the latest information to help you protect yourself, your family and community members. Thank you for your help in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in our province.

    Dr. Robert Strang
    Chief Medical Officer of Health Province of Nova Scotia

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