New Government Funding Provides Expanded Pharmacy Services

Nova Scotians will have more options to access the care they need under a new agreement with pharmacists. Under the agreement the province will cover the costs of prescribing more medication and refilling certain prescriptions.
Two agreements between the government and the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia means more provincial funding for pharmacists’ services.

Starting Jan. 1 pharmacists will be funded by the province to assess and prescribe birth control, medication for urinary tract infections and shingles.

“The 1,300 pharmacists in the province are an important part of providing access to primary health care for Nova Scotians,” said Health and Wellness Minister Randy Delorey. “These changes recognize their scope of practice and allows pharmacists to help more Nova Scotians access the care they need.”

Starting April 1 pharmacists will also be funded to renew prescriptions for an additional 60 days for things like asthma inhalers and blood pressure medications.

Right now, Nova Scotians are required to pay a fee when pharmacists provide these services. Under the new agreements they will become publicly funded for all residents of Nova Scotia with a valid health card.

Government is investing $9.14 million over the five-year agreement.

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