Announcing Develop Nova Scotia

We need to do things differently as a province if we expect to grow our economy and address our population challenges. Our experience and our research show that strong places are essential to economic development.  Strong places support Nova Scotia’s strategic sectors like tourism, ocean technology, and innovation districts. Strong places attract and retain talented people and investment follows talent.

With that in mind, as many will have noted in recent media reports, Waterfront Development Corporation has been re-branded as Develop Nova Scotia.  Develop Nova Scotia (DNS) is now the crown corporation responsible for the development of strategic infrastructure and high potential properties across Nova Scotia – all with the view to driving economic growth throughout our province.

As Waterfront Development, the mandate was to redevelop and revitalize lands surrounding Halifax Harbour and the Lunenburg waterfront.  According to Nova Scotia Minister of Business, Geoff MacLellan, “As Develop Nova Scotia, its mandate will include the entire province, working closely with all of our municipalities to help us grow our economy in strong, vibrant communities. We are making this change as we recognize Waterfront Development’s proven strengths in project management.”

DNS will work closely with partners, stakeholders and industry to create projects that contribute to economic growth in the province. It will also develop and manage an implementation program to expand high-speed internet in rural Nova Scotia in connection with the Nova Scotia Internet Funding Trust. We all recognize that Internet connectivity is an important factor in building strong places where businesses and people flourish.

DNS will be engaging with industry, municipal and regional economic leaders over the next the next 60 days to develop our rural internet strategy. We all understand the urgency when it comes to improving our rural internet network. DNS expects to be in market with a competitive bid process this fall. At the same time, we must acknowledge this is a large, complex project, with rapidly evolving technology, and involves the investment of a significant amount of public funds.  We must get it right now and for the future.

A second program we are launching through DNS is fulfillment of our government’s commitment to Nova Scotia’s iconic tourism sites. I was pleased to join Minister MacLellan, DNS CEO Jennifer Angel and Tourism Nova Scotia CEO Michele Saran in Peggy’s Cove to announce a multi-million dollar fund to upgrade infrastructure in Peggy’s Cove and several other iconic tourism sites. These are sites that deliver an unforgettable experience that is uniquely Nova Scotian, and provide a strong competitive advantage in motivating tourists to visit the province. I will be reporting to you further on this exciting initiative that will launch a new era in tourism for Chester-St. Margaret’s.

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