Those Boots are Some Big Boots!

I was recently invited, along with my colleague Bernadette Jordan, MP for South Shore-St. Margaret’s and my son Kevin, to spend a very memorable evening with the Chester Volunteer Fire Department. It was an invitation to “take a walk in our boots.” I learned very quickly that those boots are some big boots to fill.

From August 19th to 28th, the firefighters of the Chester Volunteer Fire Department are conducting their annual live-fire training, in the Mobile Burn Unit of the Nova Scotia Firefighter School. This is required training for all members who wish to remain qualified for interior fire attack.

The Mobile Burn Unit is a 53-foot live-fire trainer, with fixed and portable internal and external burners that simulate live fires and can imitate a fire phenomenon known as “rollover”. It is equipped with a second story, interior and exterior stairways and a roof vent simulation unit, allowing firefighters to practice ventilating a roof. It enables training in a safe environment and gives
firefighters the opportunity to hone their skills in a near-fire experience.

MP Jordan and I were trained on proper donning and doffing of personal protective equipment and then carried on to the Mobile Burn Unit to get some hands-on firefighting training from Nove Scotia Firefighter School Instructors.

This was a exhilarating, terrifying, and very informative event.

Just to experience a small example of what our brave women and men go through to protect us from fire is amazing! Thank you to the Chester Volunteer Fire Department for giving me this opportunity to take a walk in their boots … their very big, very courageous boots!

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