My Office Opens August 1

I am happy to report that on August 1st my new office will open in Hubbards at Suite 209, 9977 St. Margaret’s Bay Road. We worked hard to find a good space that would meet our communities’ needs.

Chester-St. Margaret’s is geographically large as far as provincial electoral districts go. I tried to choose a location that was accessible to all but I know some constituents are further away than may be convenient.

While the office is here to serve, I also want to let you know about my Community Connections events. Every month I will be setting up in community locations in every corner of the district to give constituents an opportunity to connect and share their ideas and concerns. You can find details about upcoming Community Connections here and for those in New Ross and area we’ll be setting up for a couple of hours on Thursday, for more information about that event click here.

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