Nova Scotia Liberals Launch Race to the Finish

A crowd of supporters gathered at the Lebanese Culture and Festival Centre in Halifax this morning as the Liberal Party kicked off its race to the finish.

Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil thanked the many supporters, campaign staff and volunteers.

“I believe Nova Scotians want to continue with the Liberal vision. We have worked hard, let’s not stop now,” said McNeil.

McNeil was surrounded by local candidates and an enthusiastic crowd. He encouraged Liberal Party faithful to push to the end and get the vote out.

“The NDP wants to spend its way to prosperity. That didn’t work. We’re still trying to pay it off,” said McNeil. “Jamie Baillie will say anything to get a PC vote. But what he won’t talk about is what he’s going to cut to make up for the $500 million hole in his budget.”

The Liberal Leader will spend the next three days criss-crossing the province, talking about the Liberal plan, and sharing his vision for a stronger Nova Scotia.

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