Liberals Plan to Keep Young Nova Scotians at Home

The Liberal Party is the only party with a real plan to keep more young Nova Scotians living and working here.

Our plan focuses on:

  • Taking steps to help families save money
  • Creating jobs for young Nova Scotians
  • Creating more opportunities for the middle class

First, a new Liberal government will reduce taxes for 500,000 Nova Scotians – which will create economic spinoffs throughout the province.

“We will cut taxes for young families, the middle class, and those who need it the most,” says Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil. “We believe cutting taxes will keep people living, working here, and raising families here.”

A new Liberal government will reduce taxes by increasing the Basic Personal Exemption for all those who earn $75,000 per year and less. The exemption increase will reduce taxes for 500,000 people and ensure 60,000 more Nova Scotians will no longer pay any income tax.

The Liberal plan will leave an additional $86.8 million in the pockets of Nova Scotians in 2018.

“That $86.8 million will circulate throughout Nova Scotia’s economy and the spin-off effects will be considerable,” McNeil said. “Some of the best economic stimulus is ensuring Nova Scotians keep more of their hard earned money – they’ll spend it right here in Nova Scotia.”

Other measures to make life more affordable include:

  • A universal education program for four-year-olds that will give our children a better start on their education and save young families up to $10,000 per year in child care expenses
  • A first-time homebuyers program that will assist young families in buying their first homes – which will serve as another incentive for more people to stay in Nova Scotia
  • Forgiving all provincial student debt for Nova Scotians who study here and graduate within five years

Second, we will create more than 2,700 new, well-paid sustainable jobs for young Nova Scotians and recent graduates.

McNeil said only the Liberals have a plan to keep young Nova Scotians living and working here.

“If we want to keep young people here, we need to ensure they can find work,” said McNeil. “Our plan ensures more than 2,700 Nova Scotians get work here in our province.”

McNeil said the Conservatives plan doesn’t include funding to create jobs for young Nova Scotians.

“Baillie has no plan to help young Nova Scotians find work,” said McNeil. “Because he wants to cut taxes for big business, he’s refusing to make real investments in Nova Scotians.”

“His plan focuses on helping business, our plan focuses on helping you.”

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