The Liberal Plan to Advance Nova Scotia – Helping Those Who Need it the Most

A new Liberal government will assist thousands of Nova Scotians over the next four years with significant enhancements to social programs.

“A government should be measured by its commitment to vulnerable citizens, and I believe the Liberal commitment to social programs will help those Nova Scotians who need it the most,” says Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil.

Our plan is far-reaching and comprehensive. It is meant to achieve two goals: support Nova Scotians in need by improving assistance rates; and help more Nova Scotians to enter the workforce.

“We know many Nova Scotians currently receiving assistance want to enter the workforce – and we want to help empower those individuals by providing them with an opportunity for training,” McNeil said. “We also recognize that assistance rates have to keep up with a rapidly changing world – and that adjustments are required to remove barriers to improving standards of life.”

Over the next four years, the Liberal Party is committed to ‘Advance Nova Scotia’ with more than $80 million in new investments to support families and individuals – and enhanced skills training and employment. This is in addition to an income tax cut that will help 500,000 Nova Scotians. Some of our initiatives include:

  • Introducing a Standard Household rate, substantially increasing rates for all those on income assistance;
  • Increasing the working threshold of those receiving assistance to $250 per month without penalty – which will encourage greater employment and job experience;
  • Working with communities to create a $20 million, four-year Blueprint to End Poverty initiative, which will focus on skills development, as well as barriers preventing Nova Scotians from getting ahead, such as the cost of transit, communication and education;
  • Helping parents to collect money owed for child and spousal support through a $1.76 million, four-year boost to the Maintenance Enforcement Program;
  • Expanding eligibility to the Heating Assistance Rebate Program (HARP) which will open it to 5,000 more Nova Scotians;
  • Helping to eliminate gender-based violence by working with partners like Bryony House to modernize our second-stage housing infrastructure and to create programming to prevent domestic violence and to assist those who are harmed.

“As we continue to build a more prosperous Nova Scotia, we must ensure everyone can share in that prosperity,” McNeil said.

“These investments show how committed a Liberal government is about helping those who need it the most.”

The Conservatives are simply ignoring Nova Scotia’s most vulnerable citizens.

“Jamie Baillie’s platform calls for $500 million in cuts,” said Bernard. “He is refusing to answer questions about where those cuts will come from and has little in his platform to support vulnerable Nova Scotians. It is time for Jamie Baillie to come clean on where he is planning to make cuts.”

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