Liberal Plan Will Enhance Communities, Create Jobs

A new Liberal government will invest $3 million dollars into programs that will help revitalize and enhance communities while creating jobs for Nova Scotians.

“We are proud of our province and proud of our communities, says Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil. “These programs will help create jobs for young Nova Scotians and more opportunities for the middle class.”

A re-elected Liberal government will invest $1.5 million over three years in a new beautification and streetscaping program. The fund will be project based – and designed in such a way that projects will be able to leverage additional funding from other levels of government and non-profit groups.

“My home community is a great example of where a group of community minded people got together to start an initiative called ‘Think Big’,” McNeil said. ”The group has come together to help local businesses and the town pool with painting and it has spruced up our front street. We hope to see more communities show this kind of pride.”

We will also create a community works program. This $1.5 million investment over three years will allow a community to hire summer students, as well as others looking for work, to complete community projects. Elements will include things like landscaping and park improvements.

“Communities are the lifeblood of Nova Scotia, and these new investments will reflect the local pride we all feel – while creating jobs across the province,” McNeil said.

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