BayRides has a new full time driver!

This week I rose in the House of Assembly to congratulate BayRides on the recent addition of a full time driver and fleet manager, which reflects the growing demand for this affordable, reliable and accessible transportation service.
Rural HRM communities around the St. Margaret’s Bay area are served by BayRides, which was operated until recently by part-time paid or volunteer drivers.
Although still serving many marginalized citizens, BayRides has noticed a significant change in ridership over the last several years. They now find that about 40% of their riders are going to a job in the local area, while another 20% (like me on Committee Days or when the legislature is in session) are catching a connection to work in the city at the Metro X Station on Highway 103’s Exit 5.
Since 2016 BayRides has experienced an almost 200% increase in ridership, which demonstrates the vital economic and social role this rural transportation service plays in our rural communities.
I invite everyone to join me in congratulating BayRides on their success, and to wish them well in their future endeavours.