Tourism Chester’s Mobile Visitor Information Kiosk

Yesterday I rose in the Legislature to congratulate Tourism Chester on their innovative new Visitor Information model. After a review of its visitor services, the Municipality of Chester decided that a mobile centre would reach the maximum number of visitors.

Unlike the traditional Visitor Information Centre anchored in one place, the mobile visitor information kiosk moves around to attractions and events throughout the region.

The kiosk is set up in high traffic areas during the peak season. Last year they included visits to beaches, special events, and farmers’ markets.

Staff also took the kiosk out of the municipality to high-traffic venues like Peggy’s Cove and festivals to encourage visitors to explore the Chester municipality from New Ross to the Western Shore, around the Aspotogan Peninsula and the Village of Chester.

Recently hired Tourism Lead, Stephanie Beaumont, brings her experience in media, entertainment, business and marketing to Tourism Chester, adding a comprehensive website and local business partnerships to the marketing strategy.

Congratulations Tourism Chester on the implementation of the Mobile Visitor Information Kiosk, and wish them a busy 2019 tourism season!