New Community School in New Ross

Mr. Speaker, I want to congratulate the dynamic community of New Ross on the transition of the New Ross Consolidated School to a Community School.

A Community School represents a partnership between the local municipal government, the regional school governing body and the community.

When it seemed that the local school might be closed, Sheen Isenor and a dedicated group of volunteers from the community approached the Municipality of Chester to propose a community school model.

Under the new model the school will be opened for public use after school hours, and the after-school operation and administration for the programs and events which take place at the school will be managed by the Municipality of Chester.

This municipal role will be ably handled by Nadine Hockney, the recently appointed School Co-ordinator who will oversee the scheduling of the spaces within the school on behalf of the municipality.

Mr. Speaker, I ask the members of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly to join me in congratulating New Ross on the establishment of their Community School, and to wish them well in their future endeavours.