A Strong Economic Foundation

The Nova Scotia Legislature is once again in session. As it opened on September 6th, I took some time to reflect back on the past year.

It has been a pleasure to see how your government is making decisions in the best interests of all Nova Scotians. I am a firm believer that the way to provide the services Nova Scotians want and deserve is to develop a strong economic foundation through sustainable growth. It is to this government’s credit that it has now passed three consecutive balanced budgets.

The ever-closer working relationship between our public servants and our business community is encouraging as we build a strong entrepreneurial culture. The tech sector is rapidly becoming one of our larger employers. Of particular significance is the growth in oceans technology, information technology and fin-tech, retaining our graduates here at home with good paying jobs.

Our traditional industries are also experiencing a locally-driven technology revolution. Agri-tech and aqua-tech are taking us to previously undreamed of solutions to the world’s growing needs for food sustainability. Our forestry sector is also experiencing technology advancements that will support our rural residents in the decades to come.

Government’s is building strong, safe, connected communities throughout the province. In Chester-St. Margaret’s, we will benefit from the increasing capacity and reach of our paved highways and our electronic highways. The twinning of Highway 103 from Tantallon to Hubbards will result in speedier and safer transportation of goods and people between our communities and with the world. The introduction of an unprecedented investment of $190 million in expanding our high speed internet service is a significant step in supporting rural Nova Scotia.

Government has every right to be proud of its accomplishments. Achievement is always preceded by preparation. This government laid a lot of pipe since coming to office in order to prepare for the investments we are now making. We will continue to introduce progressive legislation that grows the economy, grows public services and grows confidence for all Nova Scotians.