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Hugh MacKay MLA @HughMacKayCSMThe Province is addressing opioid use and overdose. There's information about the new framework on my website https://t.co/eJ3p89VZej15 hours ago 0 1
Hugh MacKay MLA @HughMacKayCSMA great program to help community organizations reduce their environmental footprint accepting applications July 31 https://t.co/2lVqkG2ERr17 hours ago 0 0
Hugh MacKay MLA @HughMacKayCSMJoin me today at @kiwicafechester in Chester for our Tuesday Morning Community Connection. @chestermun @VisitChesterNS21 hours ago 0 1
Hugh MacKay MLA @HughMacKayCSMJoining @scottbrison @BernJordanMP @lloydphines for an announcement at Hubbards Barn at 10am to support Chester-St. Margaret's & South Shore21 hours ago 1 6
Hugh MacKay MLA @HughMacKayCSMRT @StephenMcNeil: The world's largest indoor show and one of NS's signature events, the @RoyalNSTattoo, begins tomorrow. More info: https:…4 weeks ago 9 0
Hugh MacKay MLA @HughMacKayCSMRT @prospectandarea: We hope you'll be celebrating Canada in major ways this weekend! #Canada150 #ProspectCommunities https://t.co/eFF9Mza…4 weeks ago 1 0
Hugh MacKay MLA @HughMacKayCSMSo pleased to share with you that I have been named the Ministerial Assistant for #Business in #NovaScotia. Details: https://t.co/61rNDSmj324 weeks ago 1 4
Hugh MacKay MLA @HughMacKayCSMIt's a beautiful day for a #gardenparty at #ProvinceHouse 🌞 https://t.co/4pu548R6SW1 month ago 2 6
Hugh MacKay MLA @HughMacKayCSMRT @AspotoganHT: We will be announcing our musical lineup for Canada Day at 12:30 pm today. Get ready! https://t.co/C0wP2lTi4o1 month ago 2 0
Hugh MacKay MLA @HughMacKayCSMRT @StephenMcNeil: On #WorldRefugeeDay, we're celebrating new Nova Scotians, because we know diversity is our strength. #WRD2017 https://t.…1 month ago 11 0